My Top 5 Favorite Starbucks Drinks

If you’ve read one of my previous post on places I like to blog, then you know Starbucks is one of my favorite places to go. The environment of a coffee shop is always welcoming and has good vibes that put you in work mode. My local Starbucks always has friendly baristas who get my drinks right every time, and I appreciate how they memorize your name to greet you when you walk in.  So today I want to share some of those drinks that are my all time favorites that you can try too.

Iced Green Tea Latte (with Soy Milk)

This is my OG for favorite Starbucks drinks. My specific order is a venti iced green tea soy latte with 3 pumps of vanilla. I drink this year round, and it never gets old. The green tea and milk flavors blend together, and the vanilla gives a nice touch.

Iced Caramel Macchiato (with Soy Milk)

Iced Caramel Macchiatos are classic coffee drinks that always hit the spot. The coffee to caramel ratio has to be just right, or your drink may be too sweet or too bitter. Luckily, the disproportionate ratio only happens if I try my caramel macchiato at other coffee shops. I highly recommend them if you like a strong coffee taste, but the sweetness of caramel all at the same time.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte (with Soy Milk)

I get the Cinnamon Dolce Latte with soy milk because it emphasizes the cinnamon flavor. Like the iced green tea latte, I have been getting this for years as far back as high school. It’s creamy, and I love the cinnamon dolce flavor in the fall and winter time. It’s the perfect addition to a chilly morning when you need an extra boost of energy.

Caramel Apple Spice

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I usually get the caramel apple spice during a rainy day or if the weather is extra cold. This drink is a steamed apple cider with a caramel drizzle and whipped cream. I came across this drink back when I was in high school and always get it in a tall size because it can be really sweet.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Image result for peppermint hot chocolate starbucks

Another old high school favorite that I can’t seem to let go: the peppermint hot chocolate. I love the smell and taste of peppermint, and of course, chocolate is always a crowd pleaser, so why not combined the two? I love getting the peppermint hot chocolate around Christmas time! It puts me in the Christmas spirit and warms me up all at the same time. It’s a great option if you don’t like coffee and want something minty sweet.

As my love for coffee and tea grows, so will my love for Starbucks. I will always choose it as my go-to coffee shop when I need a drink with a kick or to write for clients and my blog. No, I’m not being sponsored by Starbucks to write about its delicious drinks, I just genuinely like Starbucks and have been going there since I was 8! Subscribe to my blog for more lifestyle post that may be fun like this or informative and let me know what your favorite Starbucks drink is. I’ll definitely try it!



5 Healthy Things You Don’t But Should Do

You notice your lifestyle habits keep getting worse and worse so you want to know what you can do to change that. You dream of being like your favorite fitness blogger or that celebrity you admire with the perfect bod. Lucky for you, there are effortless things you can change to promote a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to find out the 5 healthy things you don’t but should do.

You Don’t Consistently Workout

I’m extra guilty of not sticking to my workout routine consistently. I’ll work out Monday then say I’m going to work out Wednesday, but when Wednesday arrives, I end up doing nothing at all. If you have this problem, you’re not alone. Together we can get better at sticking to working out on a weekly basis.

Create workout plans that you will be excited to do and feel accomplished after they’re done. I’m starting to make up fitness routines that I can alternate throughout the week, so I don’t get bored and help me work out different parts of my body. When I don’t feel like going to the gym physically, I make sure that I have workouts at home that I can do. My favorite is pulling out my yoga mat to do core exercises and using dumbells for an excellent arm workout. I also make sure to do squats and other glute exercises at home. For inspiration, I go to my Pinterest board.

If you don’t like going to the gym or workouts at home, then maybe try going to a fitness class. I love fitness classes because they seem to go by quickly, it’s guided, and you’ll have tons of fun doing it. I’ve done barre, yoga, and spin so far, but I hope to try kickboxing next. Bottom line, workout exercises don’t have to be dreadful. They can really boost your mood or energy, make you feel good physically, and be a source of entertainment to add to your healthy lifestyle.

You Don’t Meditate

Before you look at me crazy, I used to meditate every night when I was going through a lot of mental stress. Guess what!? It worked! It helped me destress to where I didn’t realize I was tense and made me feel relaxed. That’s why I think everyone should try meditation at least three times before you say you don’t like it. If you don’t know where to start, there are meditation techniques for beginners that you can research. Here are my favorite meditation apps:

I don’t know why I don’t meditate anymore other than just not being intentional with my time. But, it’s a new year, and we can both start back meditating together.

According to Healthline, these are meditation benefits you can expect:

  • Reduction in stress
  • Less Anxiety
  • Improved Emotional Health
  • Increases Self-Awareness
  • Better Focus
  • Boost Memory
  • Promote Positive Vibes
  • Possibly Combat Addictions
  • Enhances Sleep
  • Helps Minimize Pain

I’ve personally experienced most of these meditation benefits and will definitely try to incorporate meditation back into my healthy lifestyle. You have a ton to gain by just taking around three minutes out of your day to be mindful while you meditate.

Don’t Drink Healthy Options

It’s so easy to grab a soda and forget that your body ultimately needs water. I’m not saying you should never indulge in soda, but what I am saying is that you and I need to be more mindful in what we’re putting into our bodies. I’m trying to ditch soda currently by drinking:

  • Sparkling water
  • Kombucha (carbonated fermented tea)
  • Green smoothies
  • Lemon water

All of these drinks have significant health benefits. You’ll see improvement on the inside and out if you switch from soda to these healthy drinks. Of course, there are more options than these, but the ones listed are my personal favorites.

Common Benefits:

  • Improved digestive health
  • Healthy Heart
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Detoxifying

The next time you think about reaching for a soda, try one of these healthier options. After drinking them for a couple of weeks, I’m sure you’ll start to feel and notice a difference. If you don’t, then let me know!

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Whether you’re dealing with insomnia or you’re intentionally up, lack of sleep can be harmful to your body. It’s essential to get the correct amount of sleep. You don’t want to sleep too much or too little, or you won’t be able to function at your full potential. According to WebMD, some lack of sleep side effects Include:

  • Aggravation of mental health disorders
  • Aged skin
  • Memory Lapses
  • Weight Gain
  • Impaired judgment
  • A decrease in sex drive
  • Serious health problems
  • Slowed thinking
  • Your safety is at risk

If you don’t do anything else on this list, do this one and get sleep. I can’t stress how important it is for you to take the 8 hours or whatever your body needs of sleep. You won’t regret it and will feel better than you did.

You Don’t Try New Things

The last thing we’re both not doing, and we should is trying new things. There are always new things to learn and new experiences that can give you amazing memories to look back on. It doesn’t even have to be a wild adventure. You do something as simple as trying something new on the menu at your favorite restaurant.

We all quickly get stuck in the same routine and then wondering why our life experience seems bland. I have a secret for you. It’ll only change if you allow it to. Get outside of your comfort zone (smartly) and go on that spontaneous road trip or the calamari at Pappadeux’s that you swear you won’t like. You never know unless you try. You want to be able to look back 6 years or even a year from now with no regrets and say you are living your life to the fullest.

These are just a few healthy things you may not be doing but should do. They are all simple and very doable no matter who you are. I’ll even admit, I have been slacking on doing some of these things so just like you I’m going to start implementing them today. We can help keep each other accountable through this healthy lifestyle journey. Tell me which healthy thing on this list you’re going to do or a healthy lifestyle change that wasn’t on here.


How to Start Freelance Writing With No Experience

You realize you have a passion for writing and want to learn how to make money doing it. You spend hours writing stories and articles you hope to someday publish, but you don’t know where to start. You pray your big break will come but know it ultimately starts with you. You Google “how to start freelance writing with no experience” in hopes to break into this coveted world called freelance writing.

Before we dive in, I want to give you a little background on me. I started freelance writing only 7 months ago. In those 7 months, I have learned what helped me start freelance writing and be successful for months to come. I want to help you break into this industry too and ultimately be successful. If you win, we all win.

Things You’ll Need Before You Get Started

You’re getting excited about starting your dream job as a writer, but don’t get ahead of yourself because you need to have the right tools first. The things I’m about to name are essential to not only the start of your career but in the long-term as well.


This is the most critical item to have when you’re freelancing. One of the perks of being a freelance writer is that you can do your job anywhere at any time and a laptop makes that doable. You don’t have to have anything fancy, but you do need something that is reliable and has tons of storage space. I picked the MacBook Pro for my trusty laptop to take along on my freelance writing journey.

Paypal Account

When you start getting jobs, you need somewhere to receive money without giving your account information like a regular 9 – 5. Paypal is a safe place to send and receive payment for businesses. Whether you’re a client or the freelancer, Paypal will make life easier with its ability to create invoices and take money or deposit money directly into your account. I like it because it’s easy to access for anyone. All you need is the email they used on Paypal to request or send money. I never have to wait for more than a day to get my money into my bank accounts. That’s not the case with most content mill sites. For instance, some make you wait 5 days until you can get the funds and then it takes an extra two business days until it is in your bank to spend.

Email Address

You should already have one, but if you don’t, then you need to get an email address. Use something professional. No one will take seriously. The safest route is to use your first and last name for your email address to give to potential clients. Your email address will allow you to speak to clients in other parts of the world and sign up for a variety of freelance websites to help you make money.

Skype Address

A lot of clients prefer to video chat with you before they allow you to do any work. The reason for this is many bots have come out and are scamming trustworthy clients. Skype is excellent for having interviews and going over work more efficiently than emailing back and forth. Again, just like the email address keep it professional.


Find out what you can say about you when selling yourself to clients. A good elevator pitch is going to state your name. You will want to tell them what you do and a little bit about your background. Next, tell them what you’re bringing to the table that makes you a good fit for the job. Finally, end with a call to action. That could be showing interest in the position or asking for an interview. Keep in mind your elevator pitch should be a 20 to 30 seconds long.


“Hi, I’m Paige. Over the last two years, I have grown as a marketing professional in my various roles as a marketing intern. In those roles, I developed my blogging and social media skills that have helped me stay organized and connect with a wide audience. Some of my proudest achievements are writing for clients like Kona Body and Tailgate Rivals that allowed me versatility. I’m interested in getting into freelance writing and love the niche your company is in. Can you please give me more information on what you’re looking for and the next steps?”

This is what my elevator pitch would be if this were when I started out 7 months ago with no experience.


Editing apps are a lifesaver! I like to use Hemingway and Grammarly to edit my work before sending it out to clients or posting content to my blog. Now you don’t have to use it every time, but when you’re just starting out, it is great to double check work. Hemingway is a one time fee while Grammarly has a monthly subscription. Both are well worth using. Till this day I still use these editing apps. You may also want to look into photo editing software like PicMonkey, Canva, and Adobe Suites. These photo editing tools will help you create your featured image. It’ll be the first thing people see that will make them click on your post.

Social Media Accounts

Although social media can be a nuisance, it is necessary to share your content. Your social media accounts can give you statics of how your posts are doing or reach an audience that is on the other side of the world. It’s also a great way to network with other writers and potential clients.

Research Niches and Freelance Writing

How will you know what you want to write about? Do I really want to be a freelance writer? You can get answers to these questions by doing your own in-depth research on Google. I looked at a variety of blogs from businesses to writers to see their style and what I liked about the niche. Looking up articles about writing engaging content for your freelance writing business on lifestyle or blogs geared toward marketing and writing are super helpful. Marketing companies and entrepreneurs often post tips and tricks that can keep you informed and your content successful. Sometimes researching doesn’t always work. What I mean by this is that sometimes you just have to do it and pray for the best. My first client’s niche was garage doors. Yes, my first freelance job was writing about garage door companies and fixing garage doors. I don’t regret it one bit because it helped me become the writer I am today. I did that up until recently. Although it wasn’t glamorous, it got me on my feet and gave me money that I would eventually expand on.

Start A WordPress Blog

I may be a little biased, but WordPress has been a godsend to me. It is easy to use and the yearly subscription to keep your domain name or see more detailed stats is worth it. Although it doesn’t cost anything to sign up. WordPress is a great way to find a variety of niches from other writer’s blogs and become a part of an open community. Reading other work is just as important as writing your own. So go ahead and set your WordPress blog and write your first post to get your content out there. Don’t get hung up on what it looks like or if anyone is going to read it. You have to crawl before you walk. These things come over time through trial and error.

Create Samples

Your samples can be several things such as:

  • Past school projects (if you were an English major or Journalist)
  • Topics you write about on a Microsoft Word document
  • Your personal blog

It’s good to have these on hand if a client wants to see your work. As you gain more clientele, you can ask if you can use the work you did for them to show other potential clients. More and more clients are giving specific topics for writers to write about for their samples instead of using the writer’s past work. Still, you may still have a client that wants to see what you did previously to judge if you’re the right person for the job.

Freelance Websites and Job Boards

I quickly googled freelance writer websites and freelance writing jobs to find prospective clients. I currently use Upwork as my primary source of income and in the making of using Copify as another revenue. Check out my blog post ‘The top 3 freelance websites I use as a freelance writer‘ to find out why I use and like Upwork. I haven’t been able to use Copify yet, but I’ll be sure to do a blog post about it once I get the hang of it. Job boards like Indeed also helped me. In fact, that is where I found my first two clients while I tried to build my Upwork profile.

You have all the information, now it’s time to put everything into action. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start your freelance writing business. Having no experience doesn’t have to be a setback. You can use what you know in other fields to make yourself stand out and the tips above to get your feet on the ground. Let me know what steps you’re taking to become a freelance writer. If you’re already a freelancer, share tips for newcomers.