5 Healthy Things You Don’t But Should Do

You notice your lifestyle habits keep getting worse and worse so you want to know what you can do to change that. You dream of being like your favorite fitness blogger or that celebrity you admire with the perfect bod. Lucky for you, there are effortless things you can change to promote a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to find out the 5 healthy things you don’t but should do.

You Don’t Consistently Workout

I’m extra guilty of not sticking to my workout routine consistently. I’ll work out Monday then say I’m going to work out Wednesday, but when Wednesday arrives, I end up doing nothing at all. If you have this problem, you’re not alone. Together we can get better at sticking to working out on a weekly basis.

Create workout plans that you will be excited to do and feel accomplished after they’re done. I’m starting to make up fitness routines that I can alternate throughout the week, so I don’t get bored and help me work out different parts of my body. When I don’t feel like going to the gym physically, I make sure that I have workouts at home that I can do. My favorite is pulling out my yoga mat to do core exercises and using dumbells for an excellent arm workout. I also make sure to do squats and other glute exercises at home. For inspiration, I go to my Pinterest board.

If you don’t like going to the gym or workouts at home, then maybe try going to a fitness class. I love fitness classes because they seem to go by quickly, it’s guided, and you’ll have tons of fun doing it. I’ve done barre, yoga, and spin so far, but I hope to try kickboxing next. Bottom line, workout exercises don’t have to be dreadful. They can really boost your mood or energy, make you feel good physically, and be a source of entertainment to add to your healthy lifestyle.

You Don’t Meditate

Before you look at me crazy, I used to meditate every night when I was going through a lot of mental stress. Guess what!? It worked! It helped me destress to where I didn’t realize I was tense and made me feel relaxed. That’s why I think everyone should try meditation at least three times before you say you don’t like it. If you don’t know where to start, there are meditation techniques for beginners that you can research. Here are my favorite meditation apps:

I don’t know why I don’t meditate anymore other than just not being intentional with my time. But, it’s a new year, and we can both start back meditating together.

According to Healthline, these are meditation benefits you can expect:

  • Reduction in stress
  • Less Anxiety
  • Improved Emotional Health
  • Increases Self-Awareness
  • Better Focus
  • Boost Memory
  • Promote Positive Vibes
  • Possibly Combat Addictions
  • Enhances Sleep
  • Helps Minimize Pain

I’ve personally experienced most of these meditation benefits and will definitely try to incorporate meditation back into my healthy lifestyle. You have a ton to gain by just taking around three minutes out of your day to be mindful while you meditate.

Don’t Drink Healthy Options

It’s so easy to grab a soda and forget that your body ultimately needs water. I’m not saying you should never indulge in soda, but what I am saying is that you and I need to be more mindful in what we’re putting into our bodies. I’m trying to ditch soda currently by drinking:

  • Sparkling water
  • Kombucha (carbonated fermented tea)
  • Green smoothies
  • Lemon water

All of these drinks have significant health benefits. You’ll see improvement on the inside and out if you switch from soda to these healthy drinks. Of course, there are more options than these, but the ones listed are my personal favorites.

Common Benefits:

  • Improved digestive health
  • Healthy Heart
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Detoxifying

The next time you think about reaching for a soda, try one of these healthier options. After drinking them for a couple of weeks, I’m sure you’ll start to feel and notice a difference. If you don’t, then let me know!

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Whether you’re dealing with insomnia or you’re intentionally up, lack of sleep can be harmful to your body. It’s essential to get the correct amount of sleep. You don’t want to sleep too much or too little, or you won’t be able to function at your full potential. According to WebMD, some lack of sleep side effects Include:

  • Aggravation of mental health disorders
  • Aged skin
  • Memory Lapses
  • Weight Gain
  • Impaired judgment
  • A decrease in sex drive
  • Serious health problems
  • Slowed thinking
  • Your safety is at risk

If you don’t do anything else on this list, do this one and get sleep. I can’t stress how important it is for you to take the 8 hours or whatever your body needs of sleep. You won’t regret it and will feel better than you did.

You Don’t Try New Things

The last thing we’re both not doing, and we should is trying new things. There are always new things to learn and new experiences that can give you amazing memories to look back on. It doesn’t even have to be a wild adventure. You do something as simple as trying something new on the menu at your favorite restaurant.

We all quickly get stuck in the same routine and then wondering why our life experience seems bland. I have a secret for you. It’ll only change if you allow it to. Get outside of your comfort zone (smartly) and go on that spontaneous road trip or the calamari at Pappadeux’s that you swear you won’t like. You never know unless you try. You want to be able to look back 6 years or even a year from now with no regrets and say you are living your life to the fullest.

These are just a few healthy things you may not be doing but should do. They are all simple and very doable no matter who you are. I’ll even admit, I have been slacking on doing some of these things so just like you I’m going to start implementing them today. We can help keep each other accountable through this healthy lifestyle journey. Tell me which healthy thing on this list you’re going to do or a healthy lifestyle change that wasn’t on here.



Apartment Tour 2019

Hey guys! It’s Paige back with another blog post to kick off 2019. This one is uniquely special because it is my first apartment tour! I recently took the plunge and moved out my parents’ house back in late December. Since I’ve pretty much gotten all of my furniture, I thought it would be a good idea to let you guys get a peek.

I got a majority of my furniture from Rooms to Go and a few things from Design Within Reach. Below I have labeled everything to indicate where things are from. I still need to get a TV stand and put some art up, but besides those things, I’m completely furnished.

2019-01-03 11.33.12
Home Goods Welcome Mat
2019-01-03 11.32.42
Rooms to Go – Coffee table and Rug; Home Goods – Accessories on top of the table
2019-01-03 11.34.43
Rooms to Go – Bedroom Set

2019-01-03 11.34.36

2019-01-03 11.37.00
Patio Furniture – A gift from my mom
2019-01-03 11.32.31
Rooms to Go -Living room set

2019-01-03 11.32.062019-01-03 11.31.522019-01-03 11.29.57

2019-01-03 11.25.48
Design Within Reach – Dining room set

2019-01-03 11.25.30

Moving to Addison was such a huge step for me and at times I second guess my decision, but overall I’m glad I did it. I can tell I’m going to learn a ton being on my own; in fact, I already am. I dreamed of the day I would be able to move into the complex I’m in for almost two years and God blessed me to where it is no longer a dream. I can’t describe how grateful I am to be in this position even if things aren’t necessarily perfect. I’m still thankful and know that God will see me through and keep me.

I hope you enjoyed my little apartment tour and stay tuned for the TV stand and art!

P.S. This post is not sponsored and everything was purchased with my own money

New Year’s Resolutions

I know how cliche it may be to say you have a New Year’s resolution, but I have actual, realistic goals that I want to accomplish. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting throughout the year and especially now with the new year. I’m going to give you guys some insight on what I think I should do for 2019 even if they may be goals I can accomplish in a short time.

Be Frugal

I really need to work on budgeting and making sure I do not have mini shopping sprees every day. Okay, maybe not every day, but it is enough for me to question where all my money is going.

The first step will be to stop eating out all the time and cook again. I have way more space now that I’m on my own in my new place (blog post to come). I’m also going to try to set an actual budget for myself, but stick to it instead of having it there yet ignoring it.

I feel like if I have the right financial plan, I’ll be able to pay some things off and handle comfortably making me less overwhelmed. Being an independent adult is such a different experience than I could have ever imagined.

Stay Active

One word, barre, barre, and more barre! I love going to barre and hiking! I plan to continue to do those activities even more or the same amount in 2019. I need to stay healthy and keep my anxiety low.

I also want to get back into running. I’ve fallen off, but it makes me feel so good, and it’s fun. I’m going to find a beautiful park to run close to my new apartment complex and make it a point to run every morning or evening. The goal really is to run about 3 times a week while integrating barre and hiking.

Build Relationships

I am really going to try to work on my relationships with others. I have kind of fallen off because I get so concerned about me and my health that I forget the people I love need attention and my presence at times too.

When I’m out with people, I’m going to make it a point to keep my phone away and maybe snap a pic or two then be present for the rest of the night. Now of course if something super exciting happens that I don’t want to miss, I’ll pull out my phone, but ultimately it’s staying off of social media and staying social with those around me.

Bipolar Disorder Won’t Win

Being officially diagnosed with Bipolar disorder was hard to come to terms with, but I’m happy I have an explanation. Now it is time to take it by the horns and handle business. I am going to figure out how to manage it, so it isn’t interfering as much with my relationships or my peace of mind.

I’m not going to let life stop and feel that I’m damaged goods because I have a mental health disorder. I’ve allowed it to make me shameful, but I have also seen the beauty in it too. So many people focus on the negatives of Bipolar Disorder which can really have an impact on people like me who manage it every day even when sometimes it feels like you’re not managing at all.

I want to break the stigma for myself and see how I am Paige, not Bipolar. I know there are things I need to personally work on to lessen my triggers, but I’m willing to take the steps and conquer this once and for all (really for the rest of my life). I am more than a conqueror and can manage this through the strength of Christ.

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

I am hopeful and excited for what the new year has in store for me and everyone. It is incredible to see the change and how far we have all come since this time last year. The people who have come and gone out of my life; the experiences I’ve had and made the best and worst memories from; it is all just an enriching and captivating state of mind. Here’s to 2019!

Reflection | ReBranded: Goodbye Food For Thought; Hello to Turning The Page

Welcome to Turning The Page by Paige Redwine! You’re probably wondering what was wrong with Food For Thought, and the answer is nothing major. Yet, I still felt inclined to rebrand myself, and with that meant changing my brand’s name. So come along with me as we embark on this new journey called turning the page!

The Meaning Behind The Name:

“Turning The Page” encompasses not only the theme of this blog, but also the point I want to get across: I am an evolving young woman who’s story isn’t over yet.

“Food For Thought” just didn’t quit grasps this message the way I wanted it to. Initially, when you hear the name it sounds like this should be a food blog which is definitely misleading. I meant food metaphorically, but you probably wouldn’t know that unless you look at the content of my blog or ask me directly.

I like “Turning The Page” because, as I said earlier, it gives a lifestyle vibe and it is very versitle in my opinion. I feel like it could be anything from maybe she likes books (which I do, do reviews on some and do poetry so I’m okay with this misconception) or maybe it’s a metaphor for her life continuing and that each page is an unique contribution to her chapter (age), and to the story (my life as a whole).

That is what I want people to think when they see my name not about when their next meal is going to be so they better go get a snack, and then forget to read the posts. Of course, this is a little dramatic, but you get the point I’m making.

Recently, I have gone through tons of life changes and discovery so I want my page to reflect that, and to reflect me.

Will My Content Change?

To keep it short and sweet, no. You’ll still get lifestyle, poetry, reviews, tutorials, and more. Of course, I want to continue to get better at my writing, but I figure that will come with time and critique from you guys. So as far as I’m concerned at this time, my content will only change in that aspect. 🙂



Reflection | Why I Started Blogging

I don’t know if any of you ever wonder or even care why, but I thought it would be a good idea to share with y’all why I started blogging. Honestly, there are a million reasons I can think of, but today I’ll just go over these top five.

Journalism Major

The first reason is that I was made for this! I was a journalism major when I was doing my undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas. An interesting thing about that is that I actually didn’t start off as a journalism major but was a marketing major. I toyed with the idea before I applied and ended up going against it for whatever reasoning I had at the time.

I quickly had a change of heart after my first semester of having to take dreadful accounting. I’m hoping that once I start making enough money I can just hire someone or find really good software to do the accounting portion of the business for me because I definitely don’t enjoy it.

I honestly only barely passed that class by God’s grace and nothing else! Like the greats have said, “stick to your day job and what you know.” I plan to definitely take this advice to heart and execute it with pride!

person reading the daily fake news newspaper sitting on gray couch
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Career Change – Freelance Writer

As you may know, if you’ve read my perfectionism issue blog post, I used to be an auto claims adjuster. Although at times I really enjoyed the job and enjoyed working with the people in the office it had serious drawbacks.

Claims handling has to be one of the most stressful jobs you can ever have and I give mad props to anyone who can stick it out and do it with grace and ease, but I couldn’t. Essentially with all the negativity I eventually snapped and let’s just leave it at that so I wanted a serious change.

Not only for my peace of mind but my overall health. I had gotten to 98 pounds, but I digress. What better change would there have been knowing my background than to go into freelance for writing!?

I’m still starting out, but the main goal out of this career change is to become a freelance writer and have my own business all the while being involved in Children’s Ministry and counseling to kiddos. However, I’ll talk about what being successful in this looks like for me another day and more about my graduate studies.

person using black and gray laptop beside white ceramic cup and saucer on white table
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Not New to Blogging – Tumblr

What do you know, I’ve done blogging before on a less professional scale. I used to have a Tumblr back in grade school that I would just write and reblog things on. I’ve completely forgotten what my username was and that page has long since been taken down, but I say all this to say I’m not a spring chicken to having a blog.

Now the other aspects of blogging like making money out of it I’m definitely new to, but I’m so, so excited to learn and develop as a writer and hardworking professional.

apple applications apps cell phone
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

Passion for The Art

I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t have a passion for something! My passion happens to include just the very act of writing whether that be writing an article like this one, writing in my journal offline or writing poetry; I love to do it all! Ever since I was a little girl I had a niche for writing. I would always score the highest in English and well like I said, I ended up graduating college with a journalism degree. I love writing and writing seems to love me.

close up of text on paper
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


So let’s say I don’t end up making this a career and just stick with what I’m studying now in graduate school, Children’s Ministry and counseling. Well, this will still be a great hobby to have. I love talking to Y’all and sharing my life whether that be my thoughts or literally what I’ve been up to it doesn’t matter again I love it all.

This is so therapeutic for me that it really doesn’t matter how much I make doing it I”m just happy to be doing it. I know you could have read any blog on WordPress or the Internet, yet you’re reading mine so for that I’ll be forever grateful and thankful.

close up of hand over white background
Photo by Lum3n.com on Pexels.com


Well, there you have it. Those are my reasons for starting Food for thought by Paige Redwine. I still have a ways to go, but I feel with my dedication and your faithful reading we can make this great and enjoyable for us both!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I hope you find it in your interest to come back and read more soon! I try to post at least 2 to 3 times a week if not more. Also if you blog, comment on why you started blogging or if you don’t, why you don’t do it. Either way, I want to know 🙂

DSC_0029 Edited

Reflection | Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I’ve only been out of the country once in my whole 23 years of living. (Shout out to Jamaica and Mexico!)
  2. I graduated college in the states in 3 years. (I give all the credit to Summer School. I’m conflicted on whether that should be a yuck or yay)
  3. I have a green belt in Taekwondo and sometimes I think about enrolling again to get to my black belt, but then again…
  4. Just know that if we meet in person I may interrupt a lot on accident so sorry in advance! I truly don’t mean to it’s just a bad habit that most people with ADHD have.
  5. I love to sing and am a member of my church choir
  6. I play two instruments. I’ll let you guess which two, but no cheating if you know me outside of the web
  7. I am currently getting my masters in children’s ministry
  8. In high school, I was the goody two shoes with a dash of spice. (Don’t get on my bad side lol)
  9. I’ve never lived outside of Texas (That needs to change!)
  10. My mother passed away when I was one year old leaving me to be raised by my grandparents (I call them my parents though and still have a relationship with my amazing biological father; I’m one lucky girl!)

DSC_0042 edited

Reflection | My Vow to Myself

This past year has been one of the rockiest, most eventful, and best year for me. I got my first tattoo that says grace upon grace; John 1:16 and have gotten to travel with my best girlfriends, however, I’ve also been battling with my mental health and now trying to find a new job after having to walk away from an unhealthy work environment. But, this is not completely about those things. This post is to hold myself accountable and to reflect. So here I go:

Today I vow to not stay anywhere or with anyone who I’m not happy or content with or around. I vow to love myself so much that I will walk away no matter what it may look like; to walk by faith, not by sight. I vow to no longer let people or jobs get me out of my character. I have the power over my actions, not you, you, or you.

I vow to lean on the LORD & trust him today, tomorrow, & always. I will say yes when I mean yes & no when I mean no, no matter who it is or what it’s about. I vow to love fearlessly and be fearless because I know I am strong, I am courageous, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made who can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. He has shown me grace upon grace (John 1:16) and my story isn’t over yet, this is only the beginning.

Me 9-26-18