Freelance Writer Info | 5 Apps Every Freelance Writer Should Have

As a Fellow Freelance writer, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the apps I love to use to keep me on track and in business. Here I’ve listed the top 5 apps every freelance writer should have.


Upwork has given me the most success in landing jobs and forming real clients. It is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. There are so many options that it would be impossible to run out of things to do. I find that the majority of client-tell is straightforward and friendly. I haven’t had a bad experience yet to make me not want to use it anymore.

One thing I like about Upwork is that you get to choose your hourly rate and it can time how long you worked on a project to get the most accurate depiction of what you’ve been doing. If you’re just starting out in the freelance business or an OG I highly recommend trying Upwork.


Trello helps me keep my life together. I will say there is a learning curve, but once you get it down you’ll love it and be a pro. It feels good checking off everything I’ve gotten done. Sometimes when you’re working, working, working you forget how much you’ve actually accomplished. I like this because it makes me feel like I am getting tangible results.

If you work in a team environment it’s great for that too, but I just use it as a personal app.

Google Drive

Google Drive is heaven sent! I love the fact that it auto-saves work and it is easy to share. You can also easily convert it to a word document or pdf and more. This makes it super convenient and you have access to your files anywhere. Whether it be your phone, a borrowed computer, or even your personal one it is always there ready for you to get started or finish.


Now I might be a little biased since WordPress is my platform, but I really do like the app and WordPress. Combined though, it is a powerhouse. It’s so easy for me to check my insights while on the go and answer to comments. You can even write posts directly through the app and it will come up on your computer. I find that pretty awesome!


Paypal is the best way to get funds for a business or even personal use. As a Freelance writer that is the easiest, most trusted way to have someone pay you. You can even shop with the Paypal app or transfer the funds to your actual bank with just a click of a button. I also like the fact that you can create invoices. It just gives everything a more polished and professional look.


If I had to suggest any app you should definitely consider as a freelance writer would be Upwork because the others won’t be needed if you don’t have any clients. I hope you enjoyed this post and will try some of the apps out.