Music | Album Review: “Ella Mai” by Ella Mai

For the past year, I have been loving Ella Mai’s music. More specifically, her “Ready” album featuring the hit “Boo’d Up” that also makes a debut on her current album, “Ella Mai.” A little more about the artist is that she is from England who is taking the United States by Storm with her catchy, upbeat music about love that anyone can relate to. She also knows how to switch it up, and slow things down at the same time with her enticing love music giving that classic Rhythm and Blues feel. This review is going to talk about the most popular songs she has on the album, per Apple music, and then I’ll discuss my personal favorite. So let’s get to it:

Good Bad

“Good Bad” is so catchy and carefree. I love it! The music kind of reminds me of “Beautiful Liar” by Beyonce and Shakira the way it starts with these snake pipe sounding instrumentals. We’ve all had some good bad behavior every now and then. This song goes into how her lover sometimes takes on whatever emotions she has that day, when it may not even be about them. She even talks about how their response is, and it is pretty realistic to some people’s responses that I’ve heard. I think that’s what makes it such a hit because everyone can put a mirror up, and be like that has or is me. Also, she is real about it giving her reassurance that she has their attention. Now I wouldn’t recommend to constantly wake up with an attitude to get attention, but I will recommend dancing the night away to it.

Whatchamacallit (Featuring Chris Brown)

“Whatchamacallit” is based on a forbidden romance, which you guys know is a guilty pleasure of mine to write about so I can see why this song is so popular, and right up my alley. For this song, I can already see the hip-hop dances coming out to it, and has a fast enough beat to play at a club, but easy to listen to with the windows down and hair flying all around. I can’t wait until she and Chris Brown perform this song together or at least I hope they do; that man can dance his behind off. Anyway, if you’re on the prudish side you may not care for what they’re talking about and that’s fine, but you must admit the beat is striking and you’ll definitely find yourself bobbing your head. It kind of reminds me of “Loyal” by Chris Brown like they took some of the music and reworked the notes or something. Maybe that’s just me; who knows.

Shot Clock

“Shot Clock” is basically a song about being a catch and the person not realizing her worth; I feel most of us can agree we’ve been in this place at least once in our lives. It’s unfortunate, but at least she was able to flip it into a hit. I also like how she ends this song with her doing what I call poetry, but someone else may see it as her just talking to transition to the next track. Either way, I like the way it ends although this isn’t one of my most favorite songs on the album. However, I do have an appreciation for it.

Gut Feeling (Featuring H.E.R.)

“Gut Feeling” is one of those songs I personally know all too well. When you feel your love interest at the time is starting to pull away, and maybe has found someone else. It definitely sucks, but again that is no challenge for Ella Mai. She is able to turn any of the negative events of love into a smash. Again she ends it with her talking which is always a nice transition. I think I’m noticing a trend in which ones she chooses to do some sort of poem or talking at the end of. Bare with me here, it seems like the songs that could get you to a “Drake and Drive” state of mind are the ones she does them for, and then she’ll follow it up with a lighthearted, bring the confidence back type of jam. Let me know if you see this pattern too; if you’ve listened to the album.


“Trip” actually is the follow-up song to “Gut Feeling” featuring H.E.R.; “Trip” talks about how basically she is “tripping” over this person’s love, and the type of person they are in a good way. It’s evident that she really cares about this person from the start to the end, and wants to make sure she is really careful with how she deals with them. The beat is pretty cool, laid back and easy to listen to while in the car solo or with whomever. It’s a sweet, little love song I can appreciate, and I feel this one is pretty relatable too.

Paige’s Personal Favorite: Naked

Now “Naked” isn’t at all what you would think. It’s not some overly sexual, sex goddess kind of song it is more pure, real and what I think a lot of people want, or at least what I want. That is a true love song for someone to see her for who she is and still sticks around no matter what. She goes into describing her flaws, how other people perceive her, and then is honest and tells what she wants in the partner, to whom she asks if they can be that person to love her “naked.” This song really hit home for me more than it probably should, but I’m glad it did and I love it. So if you haven’t listened to it, you definitely should. I also want to mention that the instrumentals are so calming and smooth. The guitar is the main instrument and you’ll hear the drum accompaniment very lightly in the background keeping the beat. It’s just greatness I tell you from the lyrics to the instrumentals! My Honorable mentions Are: “Dangerous,” “Everything” (Featuring John Legend), and “Boo’d Up”

Album Verdict (1 worst – 5 best): ★ ★ ★ ★