Music | Album Review: “Holy Roar” by Chris Tomlin

I Pre-Ordered “Holy Roar” by Chris Tomlin as soon as “Nobody Loves Me Like You” was realeased and trust me it did not disappoint. I am so moved and can feel the Holy Spirit’s presence through this album. I don’t even want to doubt if that is even possible.

This album is perfect for driving around in your car, in church, or just your leisure listening. For this Album Review I picked my favorite songs to discuss although I enjoyed the full album.

There really isn’t a bad song on it. I can listen to it straight through over and over, but for the case of time I picked the ones that stuck out to me the most. I have linked the songs below for you to listen to each of them and I hope you enjoy:

Holy Roar

Not only the title of the album, “Holy Roar” also kicks off the album letting the Lord know that he is worthy of all the praise. The message to this song is a great depiction of worship and reminding the listener to give God all the praise.

Listening to the lyrics I just get this sense of being with fellow Saints in fellowship just praising God by song and lifting my hands up to my Savior. “Here to give you God what you are worth of; a Holy roar, reaching for heaven, our praise poured out with a reackless abandon, I worship God is Holy Yours; We are Holy Yours.”

Nobody Loves Me Like You

This one is a self explanatory favorite. If you haven’t listened to “Nobody Loves Me Like You” I highly suggest you do. This beautiful tune is just acknowledging all that Jesus has done for us and at times we may feel that this world is going to conqueor us Jesus prevails and will allow us to be able to do all things through him. No one, nor depth or height can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ.

I believe this song is a good depiction of that. NO ONE is going to love you in the way Jesus loves you; it can’t be matched. Tomlin ends by singing “I”m a child of God; Nobody loves me like you.”

Resurrection Power

This is my all time favorite song on the album, and for good reason too. Tomlin starts off by singing “You called me from the grave by name” that right there just gives me chills that I can’t explain. Knowing that the Lord knows you by name and loved you so much that he died on the cross for your sins just gets me every time.

“You have given us freedom,” sings Tomlin repeatedly for the listener to really just let all of this since in and marinate on the fact that God is the one who will free you from the burdens and chains of the world. It’s nobody else, but Jesus Christ.

This song reminds me personally of Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” no matter what trials I may face, no matter what naysayers will say, no matter if I feel my burdens are too heavy to bare, he will always be there and give me “Ressurection Power” to face it all and be more than a conqueor.


“I count my blessings one by one. Your goodness in my life. How could I ask for more. In You, I’m sastisfied;” is a catchy, upbeat tune of gratefulness. I think it is easy to forget to just be content with what God has given us and that we won’t find contentment in materials or people they always are successful in disappointing us.

The good news is we can find our peace in Christ no matter what we feel we have lost or gained . We can count on him to supply our needs whatever those shall be to us that we can’t get anywhere else. “Nothing else, nothing else, nothing else will satisfy. No on else, no one else, no one else will every satisfy.”

I feel that “Satisfied” shows ways gratefulness can look like and be perfectly.

I Stand in Awe (Featuring Nicole Serrano)

Nicole Serrano is featured in “I Stand in Awe” and starts this melodic tune so beautifully and you can feel the warmth and truth in her voice as she sings the lyrics “When I consider what You have made. The mighty oceans, the fiery stars. The fields and forests give You praise My Lord, My God. I stand in awe. I stand in awe. I stand in awe of You.” I love the lyrics to this and there couldn’t be better voices singing it. Sometimes you have to take in nature and just see all that God can do and reflect. It is dumbfounding. Just to think of how we take for granted of him dying for our sins and creating this beautiful Earth we live on. It makes me sad, but also hopeful and so grateful. It’s hard to stay with a dry eye to this song for sure.

Verdict: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Overall, this album was crafted with such grace and poise. I will be listening to “Holy Roar” for many days and years to come. Chris Tomlin did a great job with each and every song although I only shared a few. You can tell by the lyrics that much thought went into every word and for that I give this 5 stars.