Poetry | Loneliness

You creep in by my side like a monster in the night.
Quietly, unexpected, and completely scary.
I feel as though it’s me against the world, against you when you’re around.
I tell you to leave, but you keep coming back for me.
I want to make it end, but Christ tells me he’s my best friend.
I put it all away, but not completely in case of a rainy day.
You’re not as easy to block like a text or a Facebook page.
Why have you come and why do you stay?
Don’t you see you don’t belong here?
Peace, tell him he doesn’t belong here!
I can’t do it alone here.
Yous used to be closer to me than a lover, but your departure is granted.
I’m no longer dependent, no longer tricked, no longer tainted by your love.
So why don’t you just quit?
I hate you more than my worst enemy loneliness.
Yet you don’t seem to get this.
Pack your bags as I take away your keys to my heart, my mind, my soul & give it to peace.
I offered my life to you and did you appreciate it?
No, because you’re a fool who can’t see value in me.
So I changed my way of thinking.
I give it to Christ.
All my burdens.
My soul, my heart, my mind belongs to the Lord of Lords.
Salvation is in order.
Redemption from you, loneliness is where I want and ought to be.
Leave me alone; get away from me!
I am strengthening my bond with Christ as our bond weakens
I am set free.



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  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing

    1. foodforthoughtbypaigeredwine says:

      You’re welcome & thank you for your comment! This was a hard one to share 🙂

      1. I am glad you did!

    2. foodforthoughtbypaigeredwine says:

      Any time!

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