Poetry | The Road Trip

(This is my attempt at a metaphoric poem and I’ll give you some hints. Road trip equals life. The car and flying equals two different types of love)

Let’s take a road trip baby
Just you and I
Will we drive or will we fly high into the sky?
Sure the road may be bumpy
And the sky has a pretty view,
But nothing matters as long as I’m with you
Even when it seems at times I get a little blue

Flying may seem like the easier route
But we could die if it fizzles out.
It’s all smooth sailing until turbulence knocks us all the way down
And the crash from the flight destroys us without a heavenly sound

So let’s take a drive just you and I
We’re much safer on the ground
Sure there will be detours, scary routes and maybe a rusty sound
But as long as we’re together, nothing should break our car down
Because just like a child it’ll take a village
So don’t worry baby
We’ll be safe and sound

Remind me when I’m discouraged this car was built to last
We’ve kept it up so well that it can withstand any crash
Classic with its black stripes and its red hue
The gas we put into it will make it run like it’s forever new

Don’t mind the mileage
This road trip will never end
So baby just grab the keys and kiss me while you’re still in
This car will take us places on this road trip that you’ll never believe
You’ve just gotta continue to trust and then it will be