Reflection | 4 Signs You Need to Change Jobs

    I hope changing jobs is the least of your concerns right now, but if it is a concern then don’t feel bad at all. There are so many people out in the world that are not happy with their jobs and need a change. They stay out of obligations either in or out of their control.
    The point I’m trying to make with all this is you’re NOT ALONE! If you are finding yourself having the itch to make a career or job change, but are having trouble finding the courage to do it; then I hope this helps you out:

Morale is Dead

    There is nothing worse than coming to a job and not believing in the companies values or feeling like you’re not making a difference. If it goes against your morals or you don’t believe in the values then move along there is nothing for you there. You will likely resent going and participating in a corrupt culture every day.
    In return will start affecting the way you see yourself. We definitely don’t want that!

Burn Out/Mental Health

    This is a serious issue and concern for America today and I’m guessing other countries as well. Please take care of yourself! There is no amount of money that can replace your life. So if you find yourself mentally and emotionally drained to where a vacation can’t fix the burnout – that means you need to go!
    Trust me on this one. They will replace you in a heartbeat not even long enough for your casket to have weeds grow out of it. To them, you’re a number, and if you’re not seen as a number then lucky you, you should stay.
    But for most of us, the reality is we are only a number and they care about us making them money. You can die at a miserable job if you want to, or you can take care of yourself. Why not do something you love so it won’t feel like you’re working?
    I know this isn’t usually a realistic route. But, if it can be a reality for you go get that dream job and make it happen. I promise you from experience it is worth it in the end.

You Aren’t Enjoying it

    There’s no better buzzkill like going day after day to a job you don’t enjoy. I kind of referenced to this in my last statement, but I’ll say it again. You want to work somewhere that you are at least content with.
    It doesn’t have to be rays of sunshine and unicorns, but it does have to be tolerable to where you don’t hate life. It’s worth the investment if you’re going to spend 40 plus hours there. Like the job’s time is important, yours is too and don’t let anyone tell you different!

Not Paying the Bills

    If this job is doing all the above and not making ends meet, oh honey, you need to get out of there faster than a New York second! The stress from the job and not being able to pay bills like you want will absolutely drive you crazy. There is no reason to stay.
    Get your all your ducks in a row to find that better paying job and put your two weeks in yesterday. This is pretty self-explanatory on why you shouldn’t stay.
    Finances are one of the leading causes of depression. As we discussed before, your mental health is important and part of what sustains you. If your brain isn’t functioning you won’t either!

Are You Convinced?

    If you relate to any of two out of the four, I suggest you start to consider changing jobs or even career paths. In my opinion, it would be beneficial for you. If you were looking for a sign – here it is! I’m tired of people thinking that work is equivalent to unhappiness because it truly doesn’t have to be.
    You have control of your life and choose what makes you happy. You also choose what you’ll put up with. Stop the complaining, look for that new career, and start living the life you imagined for yourself on a job that doesn’t make you or your life miserable.