Reflection | ReBranded: Goodbye Food For Thought; Hello to Turning The Page

Welcome to Turning The Page by Paige Redwine! You’re probably wondering what was wrong with Food For Thought, and the answer is nothing major. Yet, I still felt inclined to rebrand myself, and with that meant changing my brand’s name. So come along with me as we embark on this new journey called turning the page!

The Meaning Behind The Name:

“Turning The Page” encompasses not only the theme of this blog, but also the point I want to get across: I am an evolving young woman who’s story isn’t over yet.

“Food For Thought” just didn’t quit grasps this message the way I wanted it to. Initially, when you hear the name it sounds like this should be a food blog which is definitely misleading. I meant food metaphorically, but you probably wouldn’t know that unless you look at the content of my blog or ask me directly.

I like “Turning The Page” because, as I said earlier, it gives a lifestyle vibe and it is very versitle in my opinion. I feel like it could be anything from maybe she likes books (which I do, do reviews on some and do poetry so I’m okay with this misconception) or maybe it’s a metaphor for her life continuing and that each page is an unique contribution to her chapter (age), and to the story (my life as a whole).

That is what I want people to think when they see my name not about when their next meal is going to be so they better go get a snack, and then forget to read the posts. Of course, this is a little dramatic, but you get the point I’m making.

Recently, I have gone through tons of life changes and discovery so I want my page to reflect that, and to reflect me.

Will My Content Change?

To keep it short and sweet, no. You’ll still get lifestyle, poetry, reviews, tutorials, and more. Of course, I want to continue to get better at my writing, but I figure that will come with time and critique from you guys. So as far as I’m concerned at this time, my content will only change in that aspect. πŸ™‚