Travel Bucketlist: Places I want to go

With February wrapping up means that March and Spring Break are on its way. That means there will be tons of traveling for some of us while others will be planning staycations to have a good time. Both are great ideas! I’ll be in the staycation bucket this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think about the places I’d like to go and the adventures I would have in them.

I decided to list out the different cities or countries I want to visit sometime in the future. This isn’t an extensive list by any means, but a snapshot into my travel mind. Here we go:


Fiji is a beautiful Island near Australia that I’m dying to go to. From the photos I’ve seen it seems like a tropical paradise where I can get away from all of my typical worries. Its waters look crystal clear and I can just imagine scuba diving deep into the South Pacific/Oceania Oceans. Not only would I go scuba diving, but I would love to go hiking in the falls of Taveuni known as Fiji’s Garden of Eden. I may never get to go, but I’m sure if I did it would be an experience to remember.

blue body of water
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Paris, France

I’ve always wanted to experience Paris in the cliche lovey-dovey way. I’m a sucker for romance and Paris is the perfect place to fuel the flame. I would love to experience the Eiffel Tower and get a view of this beautiful city. I feel like it would be interesting just to explore the city from the cuisine to the sights.

eiffel tower in paris france
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The Bahamas are a no brainer. Most people get to go at least once in their life typically on a cruise. I would love to cruise around the Bahamas on the Carnival Cruise Line or another high-quality cruise ship. Just imagining the beaches and tropical drinks make me want to pack my bags today. It would be great to go on pigs beach or go snorkeling to admire all the interesting sea creatures.

dock with cottages
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Pyramids. Enough said. The rich history that Egypt holds is enough in itself to make anyone want to travel there. I would love to be amongst the pyramids and ride camels through the dusty deserts.

sand desert blue sky egypt
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I hope someday I will get to visit each of these places and create memories with family or friends while there. I aspire to be well traveled and be able to look back on my life in old age and be satisfied with how I chose to live my life. One of those things being the places I traveled to. Let me know your top 3 places you want to travel to next.


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  1. Great list and post! I hope you get to go to all of the places on your list plus so much more! <3 I actually just did a similar one over on my blog which you should totally check out when/if you get a chance 🙂 happy travels! xoxo

    1. Paige.Redwine says:

      Thanks! I’ll definitely check your blog out 🙂

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